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Have you had trouble in the past with growing orchids or want to get started growing them but don't know where to start?
With the help of Cindi at her talented crew at Belle Danse Orchid & Tropicals, we're going to demystify the air around orchids...from care & upkeep to repotting & fertilization we'll answer all of your questions surrounding our favorite flowering friends.
So, join us Saturday, September 30 in the greenhouse at TPG from 10 - 11 where the Belle Danse crew will be holding an informational talk to give advice and answer questions.
After that....from noon - 3, they'll be taking your orchids from home and repotting them into the pot of your choosing! Max 2 per person.
- Packages include corresponding orchids, access to the class, and potting service.
- Pictures are for reference only. Actual colors may vary.
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